Shipping and return policies for The Yellow Melodies

Shipping Info
Postal shipments from Spain are really expensive, so we prefer to send records by ordinary mail to Spain and Europe, which is not so expensive as signed-for mail.
We prefer to risk at this point as we guess that the 95-98% of the shipments arrive with no problem. If you have any inconvenience or problems with packages sent by ordinary mail, let us know and we will send them by registered mail.
Shipments for Spain and Europe are usually received in 2-5 working days.

As the difference is small for shipments to the rest of the world, we prefer to use the registered mail option.
Shipments for the rest of the world can take around 2 weeks.
Return Policy
We try to package the shipments as well as we can.
If anyway the record arrives in bad conditions, get in touch with us, there will be no problem replacing it for you.